CAT SOUP Its a 2001 anime about... just watch it. The characters were created by this lady who called herself Nekojiru, who killed herself in 1998. Then this was released as a direct-to-dvd type deal. Its a surreal thing and I rate it a 5/5. Its really interesting. I don't really know how to describe it further. Just watch it and make of it what you will: a look at the journey into dying, a story about family, a story about a family torn apart by the death of one of their children, or maybe it doesn't mean anything and that's the point. And that's Cat Soup.
DEEP WEB RADIO This is, as the name suggests, a deep web radio station. This is definitely a pretty surface level onion, but its still fun and i like it. There's not really much to say about it, its just a radio station. Idk about infowars tbh but other than that its pretty cute and i think its cool.
RETRO ARCHIVE A catalog of computer stuff starting at 2009 and continuing backwards into the 80s. It's kinda cool if you're into that stuff. Personally the 90s, low quality porn is what really does it for me. I don't really remember how I found this, but it was probably through googling random things.
:3 This is a pretty cute web site tbh. Just check it out.